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Art Basel stages art shows for high quality modern and contemporary art and is sited annually in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong
Карту в руки, рюкзаки за плечи!
Ключ от всех дверей в библиотеке — читательский билет
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Travel photography
17:00 –18:30
March 30 / Monday
Free webinar
Meet our friends and partners!

Уйди от штрафа - продли пользование книгой!
Внимание! Небольшая инструкция. Впиши свои данные: имя, библиотечный штрих-код, действующую электронную почту, данные книги. Укажи абонемент, в котором взята книга, напомню, это учебный, научный или художественный. Всё, что не по формату, вместит в себя графа комментария
Приятного чтения!
Meet your guide: Shane Buckley
Shane is a professional historian with over 1o years of experience as a tour guide. Vast knowledge about city landmakrs, modern hotspots and history, he makes the tour fun for people of any cultural background.

The guide is not only for city tours: you can address Shane with any concerns and questions you might have. Our team will make sure that you're getting the most of your tour.
What can you expect?
Create teams!
Collect peppy team! You can work in team of several people or solo.
2 days brainstorming
Brainstorm, create, test! You will have day and night to present your project to jury.
Create an innovation ides! We believe new generation can open best ways in tech.
Every team will get prices from our sponsors, and a special price $10000!
Tracks of the Hackathon
Game innovations with Project Morpheus
Project Morpheus offers an opportunity to work on Playstation platform and virtual space, so come together for work with new scenaries, design and code.
Social services
New ideas for banking, time management, social living, meeting, sharing and others. Improve social living and communications with your ideas!
VR Advertising
Advertising is everywhere. Catch a chance to become a part of a new level in it. Create new conceptions for VR marketing in real life!
Learning and Education
Research has been done on learning in virtual reality, as its immersive qualities may enhance learning. Maybe you are the one who kтows how learn faster and efficiently.
Product development
This track is about innovations in real life products. There is always anything to become better. Or maybe you'll design something special, what we even didn't think about?
Take part in nominations
Best new game project
Best social innovation
Best educational idea
Usability innovation
Schedule for May 17-18
Monday, May 17
09:00 - Registration opens and breakfast
11:00 - Opening ceremony
16:00 - Brainstorming and Lunch
19:00 - Solution pitching and team formation
20:00 - Problem presenters meet with teams
21:00 - Dinner
Tuesday, May 18
00:00 - Midnight snack
01:00 - Special Event
05:30 - Breakfast
14:00 - Hacking ends and lunch
15:30 - Preliminary judging round
16:00 - Final judging round
17:00 - Awards and closing ceremony
What should I take with me except my computer?
New Tech:
It is important to take your charger for your equipment and a sleeping bag! We have some, but it is better to have your own.
Tulip menu
400+ sorts of traditional belgian beers and dishes for our guests!
Happy hours in Tulip
Get each second drink for free during all the night. Еhe special is valid for all kinds of drinks.
DJ Nanua live
A music set of one of the most interesting newcomers DJs. She bagan as a singer on Malta and produced on youtube.
Beer tasting
We're always in a search of unusual modern tastes all over the world. April,17 is a tasting night on new tastes of the collection.

Meet spring, take part in competitions and get special prises from our partners on the City festival!

Lecturer: Jeff Koenin
Jeff has been working for Times Magazine and National Geographic since 2001. In 2014, he published a photo book "Worldwide impressions" and started teaching at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Specialising in reportage, Jeff has vast experience of working out in the street and assembling meaningful imagery out of the seemingly mundane elements.
One: New perspective
Never been to Europe and want to experience it all at once? Or maybe you have been to a few cities, but never got the big picture? If you're interested in cultural exploration and like traveling by train, this is a perfect tour for you. The Heart of Europe will enable you to experience every city on the route, and our guide will make sure you're getting the most of it.
Vintage markets
March 5-8
Food market
March, 5-8
Brush test street art competition
March, 6,8
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